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This page informs about the activities of the GTP in the field of paediatric ultrasound diagnostics. This page is under development and will receive more comprehensive information as it progresses. Please feel free to visit us regularly.

Registration for ultrasound courses:

The course list in the grey box provides information about places still available on the individual courses.
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GTP ultrasound courses – timeline

Since 2017, we have been offering ultrasound courses internationally.  These courses provide you with the opportunity to explore typical findings alongside experienced course leaders in various regions and also allows you to discover parts of the respective country during your free time. The courses are mainly aimed at young residents who learn together with the residents of the specialist programme and young local specialists with little or no prior experience in sonography.

In 2021, the GTP received a 5-year funding from EKFS to professionalize and integrate course structures locally, as well as to establish the “EKFS GPT International Paediatric Ultrasound Network”.


Basic course

Sonography of the skull, thorax and abdomen for basic diagnosis of pathologies and performance of interventions such as pleural puncture.


Cardiac sonography focusing on mastering key sectional views and recognizing common pathologies.

General course information

  • Course language: English
  • Participants: 15-20 local medical personal, some courses are open for non-local participants
  • Course fees: Single 4-day-course 400 euros, single 5-day-course 500 euros, two combined courses 700-900 euros, combination of three courses 1000-1300 euros
  • Not included in the course fee: travel expenses, accommodation, visas, travel insurance, vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis and other travel arrangements. We kindly ask you to organize these independently, but we are happy to provide recommendations and assistance.
  • Cancellation policy:  in case of cancellation 4-8 weeks before the start of the course, we retain 50% of the course fees; in case of cancellation 4 weeks or less before the start of the course, we retain 90% of the course fees. This is necessary to cover cancellation costs.
  • General inquiries (not application): please email at ipun-info(a)

Next courses

Places for non-lokal participants: 2-3 participants

Places for non-lokal participants: 2-3 participants

Places for non-lokal participants: 4 participants

Places for non-local participants: 1-2 participants

Places for non-local participants: 1-2 participants

Placements for non-local participants: 1-2 available

Places for non-lokal participants: available (1-2 places)

Places for non-lokal participants: available (1-2 places)

Places for non-lokal participants: available (1-2 places)

Places for non-lokal participants: available (1-2 places)


We are very much looking forward to your participation! Please take a moment to read the cancellation policy and fill out the form below completely.

Your registration is binding and you will receive an automated confirmation of receipt.

A final confirmation with request for payment will be made by the organisation team after checking the local course capacities. Please do not book flights etc. until you have received final confirmation.

Cancellation policy:

If you cancel your participation, we will apply a 50% charge of the course fee for cancellations made between 4-8 weeks before the course, and a 90% charge for cancellations made 4 weeks or less before the course begins.

Registration form

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    Additional information to facilitate our planning structures (Please indicate if you have already been to the course country and whether you will be arriving only for the course or whether you will be spending more time in the country. Please also let us know if you have personal contacts in the course city and whether you will be accommodated by friends during the course. You can add more information which you might want us to know):

    Place of departure:

    I allow the course organization team to share my name, email and city of residence with the other European course participants in order for the group to connect prior to departure*:

    Paediatric ETAT+ Trainings 2024

    3.-5.5.24 in Hamburg (ETAT+ Course)

    31.5.-2.6.24 in Münster (ETAT Instructor Course)

    27.9.-29.9.24 in Stuttgart (ETAT+ Course)



    • Target group: Medical health professionals with work experience in preparation for an assignment abroad in LMIC (e.g. doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics; no students, sorry!)
    • Course language: English
    • Course organizer: AG ETAT of the GTP
    • Stuttgart: Stuttgart Pediatric and Patient Simulator (STUPS)
    • Hamburg: Children’s Hospital Wilhelmstift
    • Course fees: Physicians 380€, all others 190€.
    • Registration


    The ETAT concept

    ETAT+ (Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment) is a structured and proven effective intervention specifically designed for use in primary health care settings with limited resources in East Africa and Asia. It is used to reach the poorest and most vulnerable children in rural areas.

    ETAT guidelines are designed to address common pediatric issues within health facilities in resource-limited settings where

    • Mortality of hospitalized children is high.
    • Many children die within the first 24 h of inpatient admission.

    Common barriers in such settings are: inadequate medical care, lack of skills, especially in primary care, no or few written treatment protocols, delays in starting treatment. The ETAT guidelines were developed by the WHO and are an adapted form of the Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) guidelines, which are used as standard in industrialized countries. ETAT is used to identify acute life-threatening situations in children that are particularly common in resource-limited settings, such as airway obstruction and other acute infection-related respiratory problems, shock, severe impairment of consciousness (e.g., coma or convulsions), and severe dehydration. In a structured and easy-to-understand manner, ETAT offers a blueprint for recognition and treatment.

    The ETAT guidelines were developed in Malawi and clinically tested in several countries, including Angola, Brazil, Cambodia, Indonesia, Kenya and Niger.

    In many areas, ETAT is a cornerstone of first contact with patients.


    The paediatric ETAT+ Course

    Within the GTP, the ETAT WG was created on the initiative of three graduates of the TropPaed intensive course, who experienced the clinical significance of ETAT in various assignments abroad, trained as tutors and led courses abroad themselves. The first ETAT+ course was successfully hosted in Witten/Herdecke in September 2018 and was very well received. The course is now offered on a regular basis.

    The course aims to improve global child health by training professionals and teaching them strategies for triage and treatment of sick children in resource-limited settings. It provides an introduction to a well-organized, high-quality approach to pediatric primary care that can significantly reduce hospital mortality among children.


    Course content

    Preparation material is provided and students are expected to engage with selected topics in advance.

    The course will focus on interactive training sessions and role-playing, each introduced by lectures:

    • Triage of sick children into the following categories:
      • Children with acute problems (“emergency signs”).
      • Children with urgent problems (“priority signs”)
      • Children with symptoms that do not require urgent intervention.
    • Assessment of airway and breathing and initiation of adequate emergency treatment
    • Bag ventilation
    • Assessment of cardiac situation and level of consciousness
    • Adequate treatment of shock, coma and seizures in children
    • Intraosseous access
    • Classification and treatment of severe dehydration in children with diarrheal disease
    • Management of acute severe malnutrition
    • Management of a sick newborn and premature infant
    • Classification and treatment of burns and accidental injuries in children
    • Planning and implementation of the ETAT concept in one’s own work environment


    Feedback from course participants

    “I liked all of the practical sessions – all very useful.”
    “Very practical and structured training.”
    “I liked the trainer team: good mixture, lots of experience, passionate teaching.”

    TropPaed 2025 - 15th Intensive Course on Tropical Paediatrics and Global Child Health


    5-9 May 2025
    (Arrival: 5 May 2025)


    To be confirmed


    Participants: 50
    Course language: English


    We are pleased to invite you to the TropPaed Intensive Course 2025 in May!

    We would like to offer you once again a diverse program of lectures, practical small group work, and clinically oriented seminars. Additionally, we aim to allocate ample time for international exchange of your experiences.

    Throughout our planning process, you will continuously receive further details regarding the schedule and speakers on this page.

    Fees and Registration

    The course fees are non-profit and calculated to cover course costs and to co-finance participation of international scholarship holders. The price includes course participation, accommodation from 5-9 May 2025, meals and coffee breaks from Sunday (dinner) to Friday (lunch). The price does not include alcoholic beverages and drinks outside of those served at meals and coffee breaks, as well as transport costs.
    Detailed participant fees will be announced shortly.

    Scholarships for colleagues from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) will also be available for the 2025 course. To apply, please submit a motivational letter, CV, and reference letter to Further details can be found under “Sponsoring of International Colleagues“.
    The application deadline will be announced soon.

    Cancellation Policy:
    If you need to withdraw your course registration, we will endeavor to fill your spot with someone from the waiting list. Alternatively, you may propose a substitute attendee. If we successfully fill your spot, you will receive a refund of the full course fees, minus a 50 Euro handling fee. However, if we are unable to fill your spot, the full course fee will be charged.

    Registration will be opened soon!


    To be confirmed

    Sponsoring and support

    We sincerely thank all the volunteer co-organisers of the course for their years of dedication as well as our financial supporters!
    We want to assure you that our TropPaed Intensive Course is meticulously designed to maintain neutrality regarding products and services, with all content being independent of commercial interests. We do not endorse or advertise any specific services or products. Any potential conflicts of interest are transparently disclosed through self-disclosure.

    European Society of Paediatric Infectious Diseases

    Kindermissionswerk “Die Sternsinger”

    43rd GTP Annual Conference 2025 - Giessen


    2-4 May 2025




    Prof. Knipper & Team

    43rd GTP Annual Conference

    2-4 May 2025
    Giessen, Germany

    Topic: Decolonising Global Child Health

    CME Credit Point: tba

    Welcome address



    Last update: tba
    Conference languages: German and English (will be confirmed)

    Nota bene: Photos and videos will be taken during the event to publicize the GTP and its projects

    Call for abstracts




    Program surrounding the conference




    Registration, fees and cancellation policy

    Important notice:

    If you need to apply for a visa to attend the conference, please note the following information:

    Please inform yourself BEFORE registering about the necessary documents, applicable processing times and available dates for issuing visas at the relevant embassy (we recommend at least 3-4 months lead time)

    A letter of invitation can only be issued after a) complete personal online registration (including passport number and request to receive a letter of invitation) and b) payment of the conference fees has been received.

    Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your return date.

    Conference fees


    CME Point


    Cancellation policy


    Conflincts of interest and Sponsoring

    The content of this event will be designed to be product and service neutral. We confirm that the scientific management and the speakers will disclose potential conflicts of interest to the participants.

    Contact details

    General inquiries and comments (not for registration): tba

    Registration: tba

    Banking details

    Gesellschaft für Tropenpädiatrie und
    Internationale Kindergesundheit (GTP) e. V.
    Volksbank Ahlen-Sassenberg-Warendorf
    IBAN: DE 95 4126 2501 1102 1632 03
    Reference: “GTP2025 fee, your name and surname”

    Abstract submission deadline: tba