The working group ETAT (Emergency Triage, Assessment and Treatment) emerged on the initiative of three alumni of our Intensive Course on Tropical Paediatrics and Global Child Health (TropPaed). It connects people with interest in the topics of triage and organizes ETAT trainings in Germany.


What are ETAT and ETAT+?

ETAT (Emergency Triage and Treatment) and ETAT+ are concepts for triage and first care of sick children, developed in countries with limited resources in Africa. They have a proven effect on mortality reduction and can be applied in health care institutions of all levels.

In many places, ETAT is the cornerstone of decision making at first contact with a patient, that does not necessarily have to be effected by medical personnel.

ETAT guidelines are specifically aligned to common problems in the paediatric basic emergency care of in institutions with limited resources. The guidelines identify children suffering from acute life threatening conditions in a structured and comprehensible manner and present simple yet clear guidelines for their medical care.



  • Regular meetings of the working group for planning purposes.
  • Organizing of ETAT trainings in Germany.

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Contact persons for the working group are Judith Lindert, Sara Loetz and Barbara Zimmer.