Dr. med. Christian Schmidt


Dr. med. Sarah Kotsias-Konopelska, DTM&H

Paediatrician, experiences in Tanzania, Palestine and Nepal. Interests: pardiatric specialty training and sonography training in countries with limited resources. Co-founder of the Intensive Course of Tropical Paediatrics and International Child Health (TropPaed), GTP member since 2005, board member and treasurer since 2011. Chairman since 2021.

Pediatrician, experience in Malawi, Tanzania, South Africa, Mexico, Ecuador. HIV education projects at schools in Berlin for the Michael Stich Foundation. Co-organizer of the TropPaed course. Organizer of the 2020 GTP annual meeting. GTP member since 2011, board member since 2014, 2nd chair 2018-2021, chair since 2021. Interests: International medical education, networking, digitization,


Dr. med. Gudrun Jäger
(St. Gallen, Switzerland)

Pediatrician specializing in pediatric intensive care and neonatology. Interested in and instructor in various continuing education courses. Experience in short-term assignments in Bangladesh, Philippines, Kenya, and Sierra Leone on several occasions. Areas of focus: ETAT + courses in Germany and in Sierra Leone and interest in Palliative Care. GTP member since 2016 and board member since 2021.


Dr. med. Kathrin Baumgartner

Pediatrician, subspecializing in pediatric nephrology. Experience in Sudan, Sierra Leone and Nepal. Interests: Humanitarian aid, sonography training in limited resource countries. GTP member since 2020. Board member since 2021.

Board member

Prof. Dr. Stephan Gehring

Paediatrician, subspecialties in paediatric emergency medicine and paediatric infectiology. Head of the paediatric intensive care, infectiology and gastroenterology division at the university hospital of Mainz. University professor since 2013. Lecturer in Tanzania. Scientific core areas: Epidemiology of infections (esp. Arboviruses), experimental vaccinology and microbiom research. GTP member since 2014, board member since 2015.

Board member

PD Dr. med. Carsten Krüger

Pediatrician, neonatologist, ped. gastroenterologist. 3.5 yrs head of department of a pediatric clinic in Tanzania, guest lecturer in MMed pediatrics programs in Mwanza + Dodoma. Scientific interests: Quality improvement, clinical care. GTP member since 1995, board member since 2001, 1st chairman 2011-2021. Honorary chair of GTP since 2021.

Board member

Dr. med. Judith Lindert, DTMH (Liv)

Specialist in pediatrics and pediatric surgeon, experience in Ecuador, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Pakistan, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania as a clinical physician and in training and research activities with MSF (Doctors without Borders), l’appel and others.
Interests: global pediatric surgery- especially neonatal surgery and burns, sonography, malnutrition, infectious diseases, humanitarian aid, ETAT, education and training. Interdisciplinary Networking.
Co-organizer of the GTP TropPaed course since 2017. GTP member since 2010, board member since 2018. Co-founder ETAT Germany 2018.

Board member

Dr. med. Sara Loetz

Pediatrician, in training to become a pediatric intensivist. Work experience in Malawi, as well as short-term assignments in Ghana and Guatemala. Key interests: ETAT (Emergency Triage, Assessment and Treatment) training in Germany. Palliative care in countries with limited resources. GTP member since 2015, board member since 2021.

Board member

Dr. med. Cornelius Rau, MPhil, DTM

paediatric registrar, social anthropologist. Consultancy work for the World Health Organization (WHO) in Global Immunization Programs (2015-2017), experience in Peru and Brazil. Interests: Neonatology and pediatric intensive care, immunization programs, infectious disease epidemiology, humanitarian cooperation, indigenous health. Co-organizer of the TropPaed course. GTP member since 2015, board member since 2018.

Board member

Dr. med. Nadja Tariverdian, MScPH

Paediatric resident, experiences in Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and  Sierra Leone as doctor and project coordinator for different organisations. Interests: access to health care, social determinants of health, refugee and migrant health, humanitarian aid, training concepts. GTP member since 2014, board member since 2015.

Board member

Dr. med. Barbara Zimmer

Pediatrician, in training for pediatric pulmonology. Experience in Malawi, short-term assignments in Namibia, Guatemala. Areas of focus: ETAT+ (Emergency Triage, Assessment and Treatment) training in Germany, ETAT+ Instructor Course (Train the Trainer). Interests: simulation training, evaluation, tropical pediatrics. GTP member since 2015, board member since 2021.

Board member

Dr. med. Antke Zuechner, DTMPH, MscIH
(Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania)

Paediatrician, neonatologist and paediatric cardiologist. Experience in Palestine (2004 – 2007) and Tanzania since 2009. Short term educational placements in Ethiopia and Malawi. Focus: training and education of paediatricians and development of neonatal wards in countries with limited resources. GTP member since 2000, board member since 2018.

Co-opted board member

Vivienne Fey

Medical student in the clinical part of her studies at the Mannheim Medical Faculty of the University of Heidelberg. Co-opted to represent the student body and junior staff of the GTP.

Co-opted board member

Dr. med. Elke Maritz

Pediatrician with additional qualification in tropical medicine. 2006-2013 Research, clinical word and teaching in Paediatric Infectious Diseases, (focus on HIV/TB) in South Africa, currently honorary research fellow. Interests: HIV exposed/infected children, Paed TB, climate change and pediatrics, GTP networking/ junior faculty mentoring. GTP member since 2011, on the board since 2014. 2nd chair of PAAD.

Co-opted as primary contact for new board members on topics of induction as well as networking and as guideline coordinator.

Co-opted board member

Dr. med. Martti Köhler

Pediatrician, experience in Tanzania and Cameroon. Development assistant Quality Improvement Paediatrics (Neonatology) 2013-16 Lindi/Mtwara, Tanzania, Guest Lecturer MMed Paediatrics Program Dodoma, Tanzania. Migrant Medicine Missio Würzburg Working Group. GTP member and member of the organizing committee of the TropPaed course. Co-opted as course treasurer for the GTP TropPaed course.

Co-opted board member

Prof. Dr. med. Michael Krawinkel

Paediatrician. Professor emeritus for International Nutrition at Gießen University (1999-2016), experiences in South Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Cambodia, Bolivia. Interests: child nutrition, nutritional medicine, nutritional diversity and education. ATP chairman 1999-2011, chairman of the Foundation for International Child Health of the DGKJ (formerly Hermann Mai Foundation), Executive Director ISTP (2002-2011), Steering Committee IPA (2007-2013). Member of the rating committee of Dt. Welthungerhilfe and DAAD panel PAGEL & Herder Programme. Lecturer at Vienna University, Donau University Krems & Hebrew University of Jerusalem. GTP member since 1984, co-opted board member since 2011.

Co-opted board member

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Ralf Weigel

Since October 2017 holder of the Friede Springer endowed professorship for Global Child Health at Witten/Herdecke University. Previously lecturer at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and clinical consultant at Lighthouse Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi. Paediatric training in Berlin with medical short term placements to Calkutta, India and Maiduguri, Nigeria. Co-opted GTP board member since 2018.

GTP administrative office

Andrea Jütte

Supports the GTP with all administrative tasks as well as with addressing general inquiries. For contact details please refer to Contact.