Paediatric ETAT+ training 2019

The next ETAT+ training will be held from 12th-14th April 2019 in Würzburg, Germany

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Symposium “Global Trauma Care”

The German Society for Tropical Surgery (DTC) organizes a symposium on "Global Trauma Care" from 26th-28th October 2018 in Berlin.

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GTP receives humanitarian Else-Kröner-Fresenius award 2016

During a festive evening on October 20, 2016, GTP was awarded the Else-Kröner-Fresenius award for medical development cooperation, endowed with 100.000 Euros.

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(c) Jane Silcock / USAID

37th GTP Annual Conference 2019

25th-27th January 2019 at the University of Witten / Herdecke
Motto: "New horizons in research, education and practice”
Conference organisor: Prof. Dr. Ralf Weigel

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Schloss Rauischholzhausen

TropPaed 2019 – 10th Intensive Course on Tropical Paediatrics and Global Child Health

28th Jan - 1st Feb 2019 at Schloß Rauischholzhausen, the conference center of the University of Gießen in Germany. Once again we will provide you with a diverse course schedule containing lectures, practical workshops and clinical seminar. Furthermore there will be enough time for professional international exchange of plans and experiences.

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Report: Annual conference of the International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health (ISSOP) in Budapest

This year's theme was „Children on the Move“. It was one of the aims of the conference to develop a declaration on health and well-being of children „on the move“ that will be puclished soon.

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