Publications & statements with GTP involvement

Find here multiple publications and statements to which GTP members have contributed as authors or in other functions.

YearFirst AuthorCo-AuthorsTitleCitation
2019Zuechner AStärkung der medizinischen Neugeborenen-Versorgung in TanzaniaMonatsschrift Kinderheilkunde, February 2019, Volume 167, Issue 2, pp 169-170
2019Tariverdian NKotsias-Konopelska S, Lindert JAnnual Intensive Course on Tropical Paediatrics & Global Child Health in Germany - A 10-year ExperienceMSF Paediatric Days, DOI:10.13140/RG.2.2.27855.94880
2019Tariverdian NLeishmaniose - Eine unterschätzte TropenkrankheitDer Allgemeinarzt, 2019; 41 (11) Seite 46-49
2018International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health (ISSOP)The GTP endorses the statementsStatement on America’s Opposition to the International Resolution
in Support of Breastmilk Feeding
Sent for release July 10th 2018.
2018International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health (ISSOP)The GTP endorses the statementsResponse to US government's separation of families and violation of child and human rightsISSOP Position Statements, News 2018.
2018Krawinkel MBLudwig C, Swai ME, Yang RY, Chun KP, Habicht SDBitter gourd reduces elevated fasting plasma glucose levels in an intervention study among prediabetics in TanzaniaJ Ethnopharmacol. 2018;216:1-7. doi:10.1016/j.jep.2018.01.016
2018Whitney CWShepherd K D, Krawinkel M, Luedeling EIntegration of Fruit Trees into Agricultural Landscapes of Kenya can Help Enhance Nutrition SecurityICRAF Policy Brief no 40. World Agroforestry Centre, Nairobi, Kenya
2018Whitney CWLuedeling E, Hensel O, Tabuti JRS, Krawinkel M, Gebauer J, Kehlenbeck KThe Role of Homegardens for Food and Nutrition Security in UgandaHum Ecol 2018;46: 497.
2018Rau CKobbe RReiseimpfungen bei Kindern und JugendlichenKinder- und Jugendmedizin 2018; 18(05): 309-316
2018Kotsias-Konopelska SLindert JReisen mit Kindern, Teil I: SonnenschutzKinder- und Jugendmedizin 2018; 18(05): 317-321
2018Weber SFSaravu K, Heller T, Kadavigere R, Vishwanath S, Gehring S, Bélard S, And Pocus Eti Study Group. Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis in India: A Prospective Cohort Study in HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative Presumptive Tuberculosis Patients Weber SF, Saravu K, Heller T, Kadavigere R, Vishwanath S, Gehring S, Bélard S, And Pocus Eti Study Group. Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis in India: A Prospective Cohort Study in HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative Presumptive Tuberculosis Patients. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2018 Jan;98(1):266-273. doi: 10.4269/ajtmh.17-0486. PMID: 29141727; PMCID: PMC5928723.
2018Kotsias-Konopelska SLindert JReisen mit Kindern, Teil II: Zeitverschiebung, Reisen in größere Höhenlagen, heißes/feuchtes und kaltes Klima, Rad- und AutoreisenKinder- und Jugendmedizin 2018; 18(05): 322-327
2018Stich AKleine C, Ziegler U, Schwienhorst EMDurch Vektoren übertragene ErkrankungenKinder- und Jugendmedizin 2018; 18(05): 332-338
2018Maritz ETariverdian NWenn einer eine Reise tut: Reisen mit Kindern und intestinale Infektionen als SouvenirKinder- und Jugendmedizin 2018; 18(05): 339-346
2018Rau CLindert J, Kotsias-Konopelska S, Kobbe RAerogen übertragene Infektionskrankheiten bei Kindern auf ReisenKinder- und Jugendmedizin 2018; 18(06): 422-426
2017International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health (ISSOP)The GTP endorses the DeclarationBudapest Declaration on the Rights, Health and Well-Being of Children and Youth on the MoveISSOP Position Statements, News 2017, 10 November 2017.
2017Chiutsi-Phiri GHeil E, Kalimbira AA, Masangano C, Mtimuni BM, Krawinkel MB, Jordan IReduced Morbidity Motivated Adoption of Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices after Nutrition Education Intervention in Rural MalawiEcol Food Nutr. 2017;56(4):329-348. doi: 10.1080/03670244.2017.1338181
2017Kuchenbecker JReinbott A, Mtimuni B, Krawinkel MB, Jordan INutrition education improves dietary diversity of children 6-23 months at community-level: Results from a cluster randomized controlled trial in MalawiPLoS One. 2017;12(4):e0175216. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0175216. eCollection 2017
2016Konopelska SSchmidt C, van't Ende KAuffälliges Sozialverhalten: Psyche oder Infektion?Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde, May 2016, Volume 164, Issue 5, pp 393–396
2016Gebauer JAdam YO, Sanchez AC, Darr D, Eltahir MES, Fadl KEM. Fernsebner G, Frei M, Habte TY, Hammer K, Hunsche M, Johnson H, Kordofani M, Krawinkel M, Kugler F, Luedeling E, Mahmoud TE, Maina A, Mithoefer D, Munthali CRY, Noga G, North R, Owino WO, Prinz K, Rimberia FK, Saied A, Schuering M, Sennhenn A, Spaeth MA, Taha MEN, Triebel A, Wichern F, Wiehle M, Wrage-Moennig M, Kehlenbeck KAfrica’s wooden elephant: the baobab tree (Adansonia digitata L.) in Sudan and Kenya: a reviewGenet Resour Crop Evol (2016) 63: 377.
2016Reinbott ASchelling A, Kuchenbecker J, Jeremias T, Russell I, Kevanna O, Krawinkel MB, Jordan INutrition education linked to agricultural interventions improved child dietary diversity in rural CambodiaBr J Nutr. 2016;116(8):1457-1468
2016Reinbott AJordan I, Herrmann J, Kuchenbecker J, Kevanna O, Krawinkel MBRole of Breastfeeding and Complementary Food on Hemoglobin and Ferritin Levels in a Cambodian Cross-Sectional Sample of Children Aged 3 to 24 MonthsPLoS One.2016;11(3):e0150750. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0150750. eCollection 2016
2015Pfeil JKobbe R, Trapp S, Kitz C, Hufnagel MEmpfehlungen zur infektiologischen Versorgung von Flüchtlingen im Kindes- und Jugendalter in DeutschlandMonatszeitschrift Kinderheilkunde Dez 2015
2015RTS,S Clinical Trials Partnershipincluding Oneko MEfficacy and safety of RTS,S/AS01 malaria vaccine with or without a booster dose in children and infants in Africa: final results of a phase 3, individually randominzed, controlled trialVolume 386, No. 9988, p31–45, 4 July 2015
2015Adamczick CSchwienhorst ELepra und Buruli Ulkus - Bedeutung der Vernachlässigten Erkrankungen für Kinder weltweitMonatszeitschrift Kinderheilkunde Nov 2015
2015Knipper MBaumann A, Hofstetter C, Korte R, Krawinkel MBInternationalizing Medical Education: The Special Track Curriculum 'Global Health' at Justus Liebig University GiessenGMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015;32(5):Doc52. doi:10.3205/zma000994. eCollection 2015
2015El-Shabrawi MHKamal NM, Elhusseini MA, Hussein L, Abdallah EA, Ali YZ, Azab AA, Salama MA, Kassab M, Krawinkel MBFolic Acid Intake and Neural Tube Defects: Two Egyptian Centers ExperienceMedicine (Baltimore). 2015;94(37):e1395. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000001395
2015Waswa LMJordan I, Herrmann J, Krawinkel MB, Keding GBCommunity-based educational intervention improved the diversity of complementary diets in western Kenya: results from a randomized controlled trialPublic Health Nutr. 2015;18(18):3406-19
2015Grabosch EKrawinkel MBKinderernährung unter ArmutsbedingungenMonatsschr Kinderheilkd (2015) 163: 1125.
2015Reinbott AKuchenbecker J, Herrmann J, Jordan I, Muehlhoff E, Kevanna O, Krawinkel MBA child feeding index is superior to WHO IYCF indicators in explaining length-for-age Z-scores of young children in rural CambodiaPaediatr Int Child Health. 2015;35(2):124-34
2015Kuchenbecker JJordan I, Reinbott A, Herrmann J, Jeremias T, Kennedy G, Muehlhoff E, Mtimuni B, Krawinkel MBExclusive breastfeeding and its effect on growth of Malawian infants: results from a cross-sectional studyPaediatr Int Child Health. 2015;35(1):14-23
2014Adamczick CBeitrag MarasmusCamilla Rothe: Clinical Cases in Tropical Medicine, Elsevier, April 2014
2014Bozorgmehr KBruchhausen W, Hein W, Knipper M, Korte R, Razum O, Tinnemann PThe global health concept of the German government: strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.Glob Health Action 2014 Feb 13;7:23445.
2014Zoufaly AHammerl R, Sunjoh F, Jochum J, Nassimi N, Awasom C, Tayong G, Sauter F, Schmiedel S, van Lunzen J, Burchard G, Feldt THigh HIV prevalence among children presenting for general consultation in rural Cameroon.Int J STD AIDS. 2014 Jan 27
2014Toschke CKrüger CFremdkörperingestionen bei Kindern in Tansania und DeutschlandPädiatrische Praxis 2014 83: 393-407
2014Reddy EANjau BN, Morpeth SC, Lancaster KE, Tribble AC, Maro VP, Msuya LJ, Morrissey AB, Kibiki GS, Thielman NM, Cunningham CK, Schimana W, Shao JF, Chow SC, Stout JE, Crump JA, Bartlett JA, Hamilton CDA randomized controlled trial of standard versus intensified tuberculosis diagnostics on treatment decisions by physicians in Northern Tanzania.BMC Infect Dis. 2014 Feb 20;14:89.
2014Buchanan AMDow DE, Massambu CG, Nyombi B, Shayo A, Musoke R, Feng S, Bartlett JA, Cunningham CK, Schimana WProgress in the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV in three regions of Tanzania: a retrospective analysis.PLoS One. 2014 Feb 13;9(2):e88679.
2014Winter FSEmakam F, Kfutwah A, Hermann J, Azabji-Kenfack M, Krawinkel MBThe effect of Arthrospira platensis capsules on CD4 T-cells and antioxidative capacity in a randomized pilot study of adult women infected with human immunodeficiency virus not under HAART in Yaoundé, CameroonNutrients. 2014;6(7):2973-86
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2013Krüger CNeonatal health: its importance in achieving MDG IV, In: U. Groß, K. Wydra on behalf of the Göttingen International Health Network (Hrsg.): Interdisciplinary aspects of maternal-child health within the perspective of global healthGöttingen University Press, Göttingen 2013. 491-510
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