8th April 2021   –   19-20:30 o’clock CET
via Zoom

The Sars-CoV-2 pandemic’s toll on the health care system in Malawi – part 2

Program (Seminar language: English)

19-19:45 “The Sars-CoV-2 pandemic’s toll on the health care system in Malawi – part 2” (Dr. J. Chakakala-Chaziya)

19:45-20:30 Discussion

Dr. Chaziya will extent her talk from our first online seminar in January to elaborate on the challenges that Malawi’s health care system is facing during the current pandemic, on the effects the pandemic is heaving on health care provision and on the adjustments that are being made within the health sector.

Please join us for this very interesting insight into health care provision in a low income setting during a world-wide pandemic.


Dr. Jessica Chakakala-Chaziya

Dr. Chaziya is a paediatric specialist currently residing and working in the North of Malawi as one of the two only paediatricians in that area.

Prior to her current position she had been working in the paediatric department of Malawis biggest hospital, the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where she had been part of the team leading the COVID-19 response for the paediatric unit and a national COVID-19 response trainer.

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