Dear colleagues and interested parties!

Please read the following information carefully before registering for the Annual Conference 2023 using the form below.

  • Please note that registration via the form is binding.
  • After sending the form, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with the information you have provided as well as account details for the transfer of the conference fee and other information. After receiving this email, you will then have four weeks to transfer your participation fee. Please check your spam.
  • Please let us know if you are interested in the workshops and parallel events as well as the guided tour of the city. We would also like to offer childcare and the possibility of couchsurfing (exclusively for students) depending on your feedback. This registration is non-binding and for purpose of further planning on our side. In due course we will inform you about the binding booking. You will receive separate information by e-mail at the end of February/beginning of March.
  • The current hygiene regulations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic will apply to conference participation at the time of the conference. These will be published on the conference homepage.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the conference secretariat at globalhealthevents(a)

Bonus tickets and sponsorship of international guests

Support colleagues from LAMICs! Every year, we invite colleagues from low-and-middle-income countries (LAMICs) to our conference and the subsequent intensive course in tropical paediatrics and international child health. They make an invaluable contribution to international professional exchange and also have the opportunity to spend time shadowing in our partner clinics in Germany. Travel and stay are financed, among other things, by scholarships awarded by the GTP, which are financed by donations to the GTP and shares of course fees. You too can contribute to a scholarship by indicating a donation amount when you register. A contribution could look like this:

  • 0-50 euros: scholarship grant for participation in the social evening
  • 50-200 Euros: Scholarship grant for conference participation
  • 200-500 euros: Scholarship grant to cover accommodation costs during a hospitation or intensive course
  • 500-1000 euros: Scholarship grant to cover travel costs

Donations to the GTP e.V. are tax deductible. For donations of less than 200 euros, it is sufficient to submit a bank statement. For higher amounts we will issue a donation receipt.

IMPORTANT: Please transfer the donation indicated in the registration form separately with the subject “Donation GTP” in order to make it unmistakably identifiable for your tax return as well as for us. If the first name, surname or address for the donation receipt differs from the data given in the registration, please let us know in the comments field.

Cancellation policy

  • For cancellations up to and including 15.03.2023, we will refund the entire conference fee.
  • For cancellations up to and including 10.04.2023, we will refund half of the corresponding conference fee.
  • After 11.4.2023 we are unfortunately unable to make any refunds.

Conference fees GTP2023

Early bird (until incl. 28.2.23)Regular fee (from 1.3.23)
GTP memberPhysician€ 190€ 210
Student / non-physician health professional€ 80€ 90
Non GTP memberPhysician€ 210€ 230
Student / non-physician health professional€ 90€ 100
Social eveningRegular€ 50€ 70
Student / non-physician health professional€ 30€ 40
Accompanying person€ 50€ 70
Children 0-10 years€ 0 € 0
Children 10-14 years€ 25€ 25
Day ticket Friday or SundayTo be payed cash or via direct transfer on site€ 70€ 70
Day ticket SaturdayTo be payed cash or via direct transfer on site€ 130€ 130

Discounts GTP2023

For invited speakersNo conference fee
For corresponding author with accepted abstract (presentation and poster)For the corresponding author the conference fee will be reduced to the student fee.
For workshop leadersExcemption from conference fee for one workshop leader per workshop
For students and apprenticesWith presentation of a valid student ID students under the age of 31 years will have the opportunity to take part in the conference free of charge in exchange for being available for 6h or more as a conference facilitator.  

Registration form for the 41. GPT Annual Conference from 12-14 May 2023 in Bonn:


    First name*:


    Birth date:


    Billing address*:

    Zip code and city*:



    Current employer*:


    Are you a GTP member?*

    Conference fee*:

    Interest in workshops & parallel events (included in the conference fee). The workshops will take place in two time slots on Friday afternoon (13.00-15.00 and 15.30-17.30). We would like to try to offer you the following topics depending on the availability of speakers: a) Creating climate-resilient health facilities, b) Paediatric ultrasound in resource-limited countries, c) ETAT and simulation training, d) Nursing in resource-limited settings, e) Young GTP workshop. The exact selection of workshops will be made in February/early March. You will be informed accordingly by e-mail. I would like to participate in*:

    I would like to participate in the following free parallel event on Saturday afternoon. (Fireside Talks: we offer the possibility of 1:1 conversation with the international guests of the GTP as well as representatives of the GPT from Germany. Duration of bookable slots: approx. 10 min. Take the chance to discuss and network with people you would otherwise find difficult to reach and boost your professional advancement || World Café: discussion rounds with max. 5 x 8 participants on the main theme of the congress. Here, key points will be worked out, focal points will be deepened and points of view will be discussed together) Binding registration will take place via a separate enquiry. You will be informed accordingly by e-mail. I would like to participate in*:

    I would like to register bindingly for a guided city tour for a contribution towards expenses of 5€ per person. It may be difficult for GTP members to participate in the city tour on Saturday evening due to the members' assembly taking place at the same time.*:

    My preferred language for the city tour would be*:

    Get-together on Friday (no extra charge)*:

    I will have someone accompany me to the get together*:

    Social evening on Saturday*:

    Accompanying people for social evening:

    For participants with small children: I would be interested in childcare on site:

    Please name number and ages of your children for purposes of planning:

    For students and apprentices: I would like to use the couchsurfing option for accommodation. Couchsurfing is mostly offered from students for students. Distribution of places will be according to needs on a first-come-first-serve basis:

    Donation as grant for scholarships for international colleagues from LMIC (Please state amount in Euro):

    Additional information (i. e. allergies, special needs, Workshop time slot, personal data regarding donation):